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Taking Medicins on Shabbos – The Ktzos Hashulchon


I wanted to know the Rov`s opinion on the Kzos Hashulchon (Chelek 7 Siman 133) re the Issur of taking Refuoh on Shabbos. Whilst of course his source is the Tosfos in Beitzoh and the Remo in 339, it seems to be against the opnion of Rambam (Mamrim 2,2)
Also, as R Sh Zalman sz`l in Shsh`k seems to not hold of this understanding, and R Moshe Feinstein sz`l (Igros Chelek 2 Orch siman 106) is clearly not agreeing to this
Does the Rov hold it is a ziruf or not and if yes in what kind of circumstances would the Rov be mezareph this opinion?

Many thanks


In the Rov’s opinion, the Ktzos Hashulchan is certainly a valid צירוף, and hence gives us more room for leniency in general with regards to the prohibition of taking medicine on Shabbos [when there are other reasons for leniency in addition].

See Shu”t Minchas Asher Vol. 3 Siman 22 Ch. 5 where he discusses the opinion of the Ktzos Hashulchan.

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