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Hafrashas Challah from Mishloach Manos


I make a lot of small rolls to give out for Misloach Manos, the dough had a shiur for challah, but I am distributing less than a shiur to each person I give. I will not be left with a shiur myself. Do I separate challah from the dough?


Challah should be separated from the original dough, and a bracha should be made.

See Piskei Challah in Kovetz Zichron Shabsai V’Aryeh pg. 31

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  • Reuven Isaacs


    I was surprised by this psak. I don’t have access to the aforementioned sefer, would you be able to explain the rationale?

    I was under the impression that the majority of acharonim held that “כדי לחלק” meant exactly this: that if the person will be distributing the challah and won’t be left with a shiur themselves the dough isn’t chayav in challah?

    Thank you, and Purim Sameach

    • Rabbi Akiva Dershowitz

      No, the halacha of על מנת לחלק is only when the dough will be distributed before it is baked. If it is baked in one person’s possession and then distributed this does not fall under the above halacha. See Rambam Bikkurim 6-19, Shuchan Aruch 326:2, Taz s”k 2, Shach s”k 5.


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