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kashering stove and oven

Someone said one can kasher a stove by putting on the fires for ten minutes,other say less, is that true? My father zl would blow torch it .

he also said one can use a non-kosher stove or oven if the food is double or triple wrapped. is that true?

thank you for your help


Yes, metal stove top grates can be burnt out with the fire of the stove. A blech should be put on the stove and all the fires should be lit for about 10 minutes. This is sufficient for libun kal, see Mishna Brura 451:34 that for a stove top libun kal is enough, as the food doesn’t directly touch the stove top, only the pot.

Food which is double wrapped may be cooked in a non kosher oven. The pan should also not be placed n the non kosher grates, so if the wrapping is not on the bottom as well, the pan should be placed on a piece of tin foil.

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