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3 Pesach Related Questions

1. Re “Mock” Seder in early years.
As in all other schools, we do in KG and Reception a mock seder near Pesach. What is the preferred way to do “Motzi Matzo”? Surely to use Kosher le`Pesach Matzos is ossur miminhogo as most people refrain from R Choidesh. On the other hand, I saw in some Poiskim that even `chometzdige` Matzos are included in the Minhag (as they are so similar) see Lehosros Nosson (chelek 4), Elef lecho Shlomo (siman 322), Mikroey Koidesh (Pesech Chelek 2). To use genuine Crackers feels wrong, too. What would the Rov advise?

Using crackers would seem to be fine, it should be explained to the children why we are using this replacement and the difference between crackers and real matza.  

2. The Mitzvo on Leil Haseder is on the fathers to be mesaper Yetzias Mitzrayim. The Chasam Sofer adds that it is wrong to say too much prior to the night so that the children ask genuine questions (Deroshos Chelek 2 page 272)
What is therefore the schools` role in this Mitzvo? In what ways should we prepare the boys for Pesach?

The common custom does not follow the Chasam Sofer and our children come to the seder b”h כולנו חכמים כולנו נבונים and yet מצוה עלינו לספר. The more they are prepared with ideas and themes of Yetzias Mitzrayim, the more they come in to seder night with excitement. Perhaps they should also be given some unanswered questions to clarify at the seder and bring back to school with some incentive. 

3. The Maharil Diskin holds that as long as a child is unable to eat a full Kezayis (Toch keday lechailas Perass) he has no Mitzo to eat Matzo on Peach and there is no Chinuch too (as ossi lemisarch) and he should not recite a Berocho either. Is this opinion something we should take into consideration as accordingly most Primary Boys should specifically not make a Berocho.

Children can rely on the smallest shiur kzayis with regards to this concern. The smallest shiur begins at the size of an actual olive, which even small children can consume within the allotted time. As the child grows older he can add the shiur according to his capability. 

Many thanks for the Rov`s time and guidance

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