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apple watch for health/fall monitoring on shabbat

K’vod haRav –

My mother is an older widow who lives alone. We have urged her to get some sort of device that can be used to call emergency services in case of a fall or other issue, chas v’shalom. She recently bought an apple watch which performs this service and even can automatically call emergency services in case of a fall in case of unconsciousness, etc.

However, because the watch is automatically monitoring movement, heart rate ,etc. (and also turns on the display when she moves her hand but I am trying to figure out if this feature can be turned off), it seems like she would not be able to wear it on shabbat.

Is there any way to allow the wearing of the watch on shabbat due to the fact that she got primarily for safety reasons?

Thank you for your time and consideration,


An alternative device should be sought for Shabbos use, one that she could press a button when necessary, but is not performing monitoring based on her movements on Shabbos and not activating a display screen.
If the automatic feature is deemed necessary because of her state of health, and concern she may not be able to call for help herself, this device may be used on Shabbos, even as it monitors her, as this is to protect her from a life threatening situation. The screen display based on movement should be dis-activated if possible, if not possible and this device is deemed necessary with no viable other option, the screen should be covered over the course of Shabbos, so that she does not make use of the activation.

See Shu”t Minchas Asher Vol 1 Siman 32, Vol. 2 Siman 33

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