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About Us

In the beginning of year 5773 our mentor, maran ha-gaon Rav Asher Weiss shlita launched and exciting Torah project: Beit Midrash Le-Birurei Halachah.

As has become well known, Rav Weiss has become one of the leading and most unique halachic authorities of our generation, and questions are sent for his rulings daily from around the world, and pertaining to all areas of halachah (including the most complex and difficult of dilemmas).

The Beis Midrash is manned Rabbis who are expert in halachah, and some of whom have specialized training in particular fields (monetary law, personal status, and so on). All the Rabbis have undergone several years of training under the leadership and guidance of Rav Asher Weiss shlita, and are actively involved in his beis hora’ah and beis din.

We see the site as being a universal resource, providing a service not only for Hebrew speakers, but even for Jews around the world. We currently have a Hebrew and English site, and hope to establish a functional site for Spanish and Russian too.

In addition, the Rav serves as halachic advisor to a number of kiruv organizations, and numerous rabbis active in the kiruv world consult him regularly. Anybody involved in kiruv work is well aware of the difficult and complex questions that often arise, both in halachah and in broader topics of Jewish philosophy and thought.

The path towards Jewish observance is paved with stones of dilemmas, involving such issues as halachic status (yuchsin), monetary matters, interaction with the non-Jewish environment, questions of community leadership, medical ethics – and a plethora of other issues.

Long experience has made brought the Rav, and the team of rabbanim serving under him, to a keen awareness of the need, due to the complexity and difficulty of questions that commonly arise, for a professional Torah resource that will cater for the specific requirements of the kiruv community.

Aside from the unique nature of its questions, the kiruv community often requires special answers. Regretfully, many halachic authorities are not familiar with the specific issues pertaining to this large and growing community, and this can be cause for unfortunate consequence.

In recognizing this deep need and seeking to meet it in the best possible manner, the Rav shlita has established a Beis Midrash that can address questions and issues related to the kiruv community. The Beis Midrash is already active and running, and in order to better serve kiruv professionals and individuals from around the world, we have set up a purpose-built website to facilitate sending in questions.

Maran Rav Weiss shlita himself stands at the helm of the project, and is intimately involved in the activities of the Beis Midrash, personally overseeing the given answers and the long-term relationships forged with those on the other side of the line.

We trust that you will make the most of this service, and hope and daven that we should be zocheh to bring the light of Torah to many.

Yours Sincerely,

Rabbi Yossi Sprung, Director of Beis Midrash

Rabbi Yosef Zaloshinsky, Director of Website

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