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Bar Mitzva in Beis Kneses

Question: L'chvod Harav, We were planning on making a Bar Mitzvah seuda in a shul in Eretz Yisrael. My rav expressed concern that any shul that has keduashas Beis Haknesses is assur to do "sicha betayla" there. I told him that this shul was built to be a social hall, and they daven there because they haven't built the shul part yet. When I asked the rav of the shul if it was kedushas beis ha'knesses, he ans ...

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Business Meeting and Kosher Food

Question: I'm attending a conference later this month where kosher food will be provided for me and my coworkers. The following is from an email that the hosts sent me: We are setting up tables with stationary hors d’oeuvres and there will be waiter passed hors d’oeuvres as well. I’d like to set up something separate for the kosher food and I’m not sure what is appropriate. Since the reception will be in ou ...

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Preparing from one day of yom tov to the next

Question: Is there a heiter - and if yes what - to take out Chlaos from the freezer on the first day Yomtov l`zorech the second day. The question is based on the fact that if taken out before Yomtov it would not be fresh and if taken out after Nacht it would be frozen for still very long? Answer: Preparing from one day of yom tov to the next is prohibited, see סימן תק"ג והפוסקים שם. this includes even seemi ...

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Tvila for disposable pans

Question: Does one need to tovel good quality, thicker trays which are made out of aluminium and one re-used several times? And if yes with or without a Berochoh? (They are really meant as disposables) Answer: Disposable aluminum pans do not require Tevila, even if they are of high quality and used several times. מקורות: חיוב טבילת כלים הוא רק לכלים שאכן יש להם תורת כלי [עי' בשו"ת שב יעקב סי' לא']. ובכלים א ...

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Hirhur Bdivri Torah

Question: I learn Daf Yomi on my own, listening to recorded shiurim. Much of the time I do not verbalize the words of the Gemara, and only listen to the shiur. I was told this does not qualify to make a siyum during the nine days. Answer: Learning from either a live or a recorded shiur certainly qualifies to make a siyum, and is a fulfillment of Mitzvas Talmud Torah. מקורות:     ידוע מה שנחלקו המחבר והגר"א ...

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Taste the meat foods on erev Shabbos Chazon

Question: I work as a chef in a summer camp, and need to prepare the food for shabbos chazon. May I taste the meat foods on erev shabbos? Answer: Food may be tasted to ensure quality and taste. The food being tasted does not have to be spit out. מקורות:    מנהג בני אשכנז לא לאכול בשר ולשתות יין כל תשעת הימים מר"ח אב, כמבואר בש"ע ופוסקים סי' תקנ"א סעי ט'. ולטעום המאכל בערב שבת עי' אור לציון ח"ג סי' כו' אות ד ...

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Question: During the nine days we are making a seuda for the shloshim of our grandfather. The grandchildren finished a masechta together, by each one learning a part of the masechta. Being that no one person finished by himself, is this considered a siyum to permit eating meat during the nine days? Answer: While certainly being a commendable practice and great mitzvah, a siyum which creates a seudas mitzvah ...

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Establishing Status as Kohen

Question: Hi, I have student who is a recent baal teshuva, who has uncertainty with regards to his status as a kohen. There is an indication on his grandfather’s tombstone that he is in fact a kohen. Is that sufficient to establish his status as a kohen? Answer: While a tombstone is certainly somewhat of an indication that he is a kohen, by no means is that itself enough to establish his status. See Igros M ...

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