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Fasts before Bar Mitzvah

Fasts before Bar Mitzvah Question: There is a minhag to fast 3 fast before one`s bar mitzvoh. I have a difficulty locating a mekor for this and on the contrary, R Shloime Zalman (Halichos Shloime) holds this is no valid minhag and so does R Y Y Fisher sz`l. What is the Rov`s shlit`a opinion on this a. with a family where they have kept this in previous generation? b. with a family who has no specific minhag ...

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Lulav Queries

Lulav Queries Question: Is there a chissaron in Hiddur with regards to a Lulav: 1. If the tiyomes is totally joint but has Kore on top between the tiomes (not covering it) 2. If one tiyomes is slightly higher than the other - and from how much is it considered a chissaron in hiddur I would be extremely grateful to know the Rov`s opinion in this Many thanks Answer: 1 Some kore in between will not disqualify ...

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pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan

pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan Question: A gut voch. We received a gift of a pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan from Lodge Manufacturing in the US ( Below is what they wrote me about their "seasoning" process. Can we use it as-is? Run it through a self-cleaning oven? Libum gamur with a blow torch? A kesiva v'chasima tova. Thank you for reaching out to us about the oil that Lodge uses for sea ...

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Ahavat HaShem

Ahavat HaShem Question: I heard a drusha from Rabbi Asher where he said that the way to fulfill Ahavat HaShem completety including with all Nefesh is the way of Rabbi Akiva to die in Kiddush HaShem. If so how would it be possible to reach the higher level of fear of Hashem which comes after Ahava? Answer: There are many levels of both Ahavas Hashem and Yiras Hashem discussed throughout Chazal, while dying a ...

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Tuition breaks and Tzedaka

Tuition breaks and Tzedaka Question: If one send his children to a yeshiva where they charge a very high tuition for attending but are are very lenient with breaks to those who need if one takes a tuition brake is it permitted for him to give any charity to other places because if charity is only given on net profit technically he has no net profit if he cant afford the full tuition bill and therefore perha ...

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tinok shenishba

tinok shenishba Question: I've heard from the Rav non religious have a status nowadays as tinok shenishba. My question is, at what point would a non religious Jew not get that status? Would we say even if he tries to fight Torah and try to push anti religious agendas? Answer: Yes even if he is anti religious this does not detract from his status as tinok shenishbeh, as he was indoctrinated with these false ...

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Fridge light on shabbos

Fridge light on shabbos Question: With regards to a doctor who is on a shift in chutz la'aretz, He needs to store his food in the communal staff fridge which has an electric bulb that was not removed before shabbos 1. can he ask a goy to open the fridge? 2. open the fridge (with a shinuy) and rely on opinion of poskim who hold that electricity is molid? 3. not eat the food on shabbos.? Many thanks. Answer: ...

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Travelling through dark time zones

Travelling through dark time zones Question: An individual is travelling from NY at 1 am arriving in Hong Kong on Monday Morning. Whilst travelling it is night all the way through. When does one on tefilin and daven shacharis? Many thanks. Answer: If it in fact remains completely dark throughout the flight, this would be considered a continuation of the night he left in NY. As such he would not daven Shachr ...

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Reciting לדוד ה אורי in Elul

The first letters of the verse, “I am to my Beloved as my Beloved is to me,” אני לדודי ודודי לי spell the word אלול, signifying the love between Bnei Yisrael and our Father in Heaven that pervades this special month.[1]  Yet perhaps a phrase of fear and trepidation would have been more appropriate to prepare us for the terrifying judgment of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.  The Rambam writes that we cannot eve ...

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Parks on Shabbos – Karpef

Parks on Shabbos - Karpef Question: What does the rav hold of carrying in large parks on Shabbos and its status as karpef What about including a baseball field in a bungalow colony Since it is used during the week and enhances the bungalow What the din be diff for a enclosed tennis court on Shabbos as well Is having a baseball catch allowed on Shabbos ? Thank you Answer: Parks which are used for leisure and ...

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