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Question:Dear Rabbi, I am absolutely convinced that the murex is the accurate techeiles. Am I required to wear it? Or could I rely on the authorities who hold that techeiles is only a hiddur (Rashbah Menachos 38a, Pnei Yehoshua Bava Metziah 61b, Rosh Yosef Shabbas 25b, Beis Shlomo 1:16, Kedushas Yom Tov, Menachos, siman 35), or on the opinions that the Geonim were mevateil techeiles (Tiferes Yisroel Hakdama ...

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Pesach, Tefila

Question: 1. Can we use paper dishes or cups on Pessach? What about coating or glue that could be in it? When possible they should be bought with Pesach certification, when this is not possible they may be used. The coating and glue is not known to contain chametz in these products, and even if it did, it would likely be unedible. 2. If we have only one minyan that davens after zman tfila have we to daven i ...

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3 Pesach Related Questions

Question: 1. Re "Mock" Seder in early years. As in all other schools, we do in KG and Reception a mock seder near Pesach. What is the preferred way to do "Motzi Matzo"? Surely to use Kosher le`Pesach Matzos is ossur miminhogo as most people refrain from R Choidesh. On the other hand, I saw in some Poiskim that even `chometzdige` Matzos are included in the Minhag (as they are so similar) see Lehosros Nosson ...

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Minyan and Down Syndrome

Question: Do autistic men or men with down syndrome count for a minyan with regard to Tefilla or Zimun. Regarding Zimun is there any distinction between 3 or 10? Answer: There is a wide range within these conditions, from very severe dysfunction to very highly functioning relative to the illness. If he displays basic understanding and communicates with others, and he participates in the davening on a basic ...

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Down Syndrome on Shabbos

Question: Are people who have autism or down syndrome considered a chole shein bo sakana with regard to Shabbos allowing the possibility of violating rabbinic prohibitions on their behalf. For example if there is an autistic person who only likes to eat food hot could you ask a non jew to microwave the food for the autistic person? Answer: Down Syndrome and Autism are conditions which require special treatm ...

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Work Place Question

Question: Is a lawyer permitted to do paid work or pro bono work a church or christian organization and does it make a difference if the lawyer works for themselves or for a firm? Answer: You may do paid work for the organization, but should not volunteer pro bono work. With paid work of this kind you are not involved in building a place of idol worship, and you are not donating to their cause. If you are w ...

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kashering stove and oven

Question: Someone said one can kasher a stove by putting on the fires for ten minutes,other say less, is that true? My father zl would blow torch it . he also said one can use a non-kosher stove or oven if the food is double or triple wrapped. is that true? thank you for your help Answer: Yes, metal stove top grates can be burnt out with the fire of the stove. A blech should be put on the stove and all the ...

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Tevilas Keilim for Mishloach Manos

Question: A person wishing to send Mishloach Manos with a bowl/container etc. which is to`un Tevilla, and wants to put inside it foods, how should he do so. Pashtus inserting aluminium foil or similar as a separation between the food and the utensil should not help as ultimately he is mishtamesh in a keili which requires Tevilla (as pointed out also in Minchas Shlomo Chelkas Binyomin). On the other hand, to ...

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Avoda Zara

Question: Can a young girl wear earings that look like stars? They are manufactured by the thousands by a company in China, are not used anywhere in the world today for idolatrous worship, and made as a trinket to be discarded after use. Thank you for your time. Answer: The earings may be worn. In our times when the stars are not commonly worshipped and it is being worn in a way that is clearly for jewelry, ...

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Grama on Yom Tov

Question: Hello, I have heard from Rav Weiss on many occasions how the grama gadgets are asur to use on Shabbos, because they violate meleches machsheves, since you clearly want the act to be done. What is the Rovs opinion when it comes to doing these things on Yom Tov? (Some sources to consider - Shulchan Aruch 514,3 and MB 25 and Shaar Hatzion 31. Also Shulchan Aruch 507,4 and 511,1 and MB 1) Also would a ...

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