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Ladies jewish name

Question: A baslat tshuva, a yang lady was given a Jewish name at birth. It was almost not used, and she also dislikes it and hates being cold by that name. Now, she wants to take a different name which she likes very much. Her question is, is this appropriate? I also suspect that she might have some slight mental illness, which she would not discuss, and this can be one of the reasons why would she want to ...

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מניעת הריון משום מצב כלכלי

Question: שלום וברכה מה דעת מרן בענין זוג אברכים שכבר קיימו מצות פריה ורביה ויש להם כמה בנים ופרנסתם כעט במצב טוב וגם לעתיד על פי הטבע יהיה להם פרנסה המספיקה לפרנס ולחתן אותם. אך השאלה היא על להביא יותר ילדים שעל פי הטבע לא יספיק להם הפרנסה כי הם בני זוג אברכים ולא יהא פרנסה המספיקה על פי הטבע וכ״ש לחתן אותם יהיה במצב קשה מאד. האם ניתן לקחת בחשבון את זה כדי למנוע מעכשיו הריון או שאמרינן שנסתרים דרכי ה׳ ו א״ ...

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The NW London Eruv

Question: Kvod HaRav, What is the Rav shlita's view on carrying in the NW London Eruv. Many thanks. Answer: The Rav is not familiar with the details of this eruv and can not provide a psak with regards to its use. If there is a specific halachic question about the eruv, please inform. ...

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Going to court

Question: If one wants to take someone to court in Israel. The defendant is a non religious company that will not listen to Beis Din. Is one obligating to go through Beis Din first in order to get a heter to go to a secular court or can one go straight to secular court? Answer: If it is absolutely clear the second party will not agree to go to Beis Din it would be permissible to go straight to court. Howeve ...

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Hagala for Thermomix TM5

Question: Can a thermomix’s components some of which are made up of high quality plastic undergo הגעלה? ( Answer: Generally plastic can be kashered through hagalah. However for Pesach use one should be stringent and not kasher plastic utensils for Pesach use. See Tzitz Eliezer 4:6, Igros Moshe Orach Chaim 2:92 ...

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Preventive Medicine on Shabbos

Question: Is one allowed to take medicine on shabbos if one is healthy and is just taking medicine to prevent a future ailment (i.e. taking medicine for allergies before the allergy symptoms start)? Thanks, Answer: Someone who has an oncoming ailment and takes medicine to prevent it, would be included in the opinion of the Magen Avraham that taking medicine "לחזק מזגו" to strengthen himself is prohibited. W ...

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Japanese whisky

Question: Kvod harav, what is the kashrut about japanese whisky (eg. brand like nikka, hibiki,...) ? Is it the same as cask whisky, anybody ever checked the procedure of making whisky in Japan ? Thanks in advance, Answer: Japanese whiskey seems to be  a product similar to Scotch Whiskey, which would mean that without added flavors, sherry casks, or similar additive, many are lenient to consume without offic ...

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Cleaning up toys on Shabbos

Question: Can a person ask his children on Shabbos to clean up the toys on the floor. knowing they will sort the toys into separate containers ? Answer: If the toys are in fact mixed up to the point that "borer" is needed to separate them, a child should not be asked to clean them up in this way. Rather they could put all the toys together in a box, and sort them after Shabbos. If the toys are spread out an ...

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מניעת הריון

Question: מה דעת הרב על אודות אשה שכבר קיימה פריה ורביה שרוצה לעשות ריווח בין הלידות האם עדיף להתיר לה התקן תוך רחמי, גלולות או פתילות ומה דעתו על אשה שלא קיימה עדיין פרו״ר וברור שכל מקרה היא שאלה בפני עצמה אך כאן השאלה היא ממש על רוב נשים בעירנו ששואלים אחר כל לידה שרוצים ריוח בין הלידות בלי שום סיבה, טענה או בעיה רצינית Answer: כל הדרכים שהזכרת של מניעה הם בסדר מבחינת ההלכה לגבי השאלה של מניעה לגופו, משום ...

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Using others Wi-Fi connection

Question: May one use his Neighbors Wi-Fi connection: 1. If it is unprotected (with no password)? 2. If it is protected (with a password)? Answer: One may not use another's wifi connection without his permission, whether it is secured or not. Today it is left unprotected only as an oversight or someone who is not informed how to properly protect his connection. Even with permission it is questionable if thi ...

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