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Tevila for Meat Thermometer

Tevila for Meat Thermometer Question: Does a meat thermometer need to be toiveled? Answer: Most authorities are lenient not to require tevila as this utensil does not actually aid in the food preparation, rather it provides useful information which facilitates proper preparation. ...

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Chametz she’avar alav ha’Pesach

  Chametz she'avar alav ha'Pesach Question: Shalom aleichem, We have an adult son at the moment in the States, with a room in our home. We happened to be looking for something today in his clothes closet and found 3 cans of spray deodorant and a small, almost empty bottle of men’s cologne. One can of deodorant (Right Guard Sport Fresh Scent, from Canada) does not list the ingredients. One can of deodor ...

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Chalav Stam

Chalav Stam Question: Does the leniency of Chalav Stam apply in other countries across the world? Such as in Europe and other countries? Answer: In most civilized countries in the modern world the heter of Chalav Stam will apply as in America. Please specify any specific countries you are referring to for further clarification. ...

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Necessary parts of the Haggadah

Necessary parts of the Haggadah Question: I recall hearing from Rav Asher Weiss a number of years ago that in addition to פסח מצה מרור there was an additional part of מגיד that he felt was integral to recite. I don't remember which part that was. In addition, if one was creating a list for a doctor or someone else who simply didn't have the time recite the entire Haggadah, what would that look like? What pa ...

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Kiddush leil pesach

Kiddush leil pesach Question: Are there any sources for one who usually stands during kiddush to also stand for kiddush at the Seder? Or should one sit because it is the first of the daled kosos? Answer: There are some opinions that even one who stands the entire year for kiddush should sit for the daled kosos including the first one. Common custom is that those who stand should stand for this kiddush as we ...

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Kol Ishah by Zemiros Shabbos

Kol Ishah by Zemiros Shabbos Question: Are brothers, husbands and guests allowed to listen and sing along the Shabbos Zemiros with Women? Answer: Within the family [blood relatives] there is more room for leniency. With guests and other non relatives, women should not sing in their presence and one should try to avoid hearing such singing as well. In extenuating circumstances, one would not be obligated to ...

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Zechiras Amalek and Siag Deoraisa

Zechiras Amalek and Siag Deoraisa Question: Hi, I was reading one of Kavod Harav's articles in Minchas Asher on the Moadim regarding the Mitzvah of Zechiras Amalek. My friend and I had done some previous research on the topic, and were wondering if it is possible to add Zechiras Amalek to the list of possible Siagei Deoraisa (similar to the list created by Rav Yosef Engel ZT"L). The Siag would be Atu Mechia ...

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Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut

Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut Question: Hi what is the prevailing custom in todays Charedei Yeshivos on saying hallel? thank you What about music, shaving in honor of Yom Haatzmaut? Answer: As is well known, in charedi society the prevalent custom is not to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut. Hallel is not said and it is treated as a regular day of sefira. ...

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Nusach Tefilla in Shul with Different Custom

Nusach Tefilla in Shul with Different Custom Question: I am Ashkenazi and have grown up davening nusach ashkenaz. The only shul within walking distance of me is a Chabad house that davens nusach ari. How should I approach davening when there - what can I daven in my own nusach and what needs to be in the nusach of the shul? In particular, with regard to the order of things, for example where "hodu" is said ...

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Answering amen too early

Answering amen too early Question: If one answers אמן to a ברכה before the המברך has finished, is the listener יוציא? For example, by קידוש, if the listener answers an אמן חטופה, is he יוציא? He heard the ברכה, but he talked,answered אמן, at the end before it was finished. It's certainly not לכתחלה, but is it מעכב? Answer: Yes, he is yotzei. As long as he heard the entire bracha and even the last word, just ...

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