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Hafrashas Challah from Mishloach Manos

Question: I make a lot of small rolls to give out for Misloach Manos, the dough had a shiur for challah, but I am distributing less than a shiur to each person I give. I will not be left with a shiur myself. Do I separate challah from the dough? Answer: Challah should be separated from the original dough, and a bracha should be made. See Piskei Challah in Kovetz Zichron Shabsai V'Aryeh pg. 31 ...

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Purim – Behind the Mask

אסתר מן התורה מנין? שנאמר "ואנכי הסתר אסתיר פני." What is the source for "Esther" from the Torah?  From the verse, "I will hide (astir) My presence on that day."[1] From here we see that the concealment of Hashem's presence is the central theme of the holiday of Purim.  Pesach, Shavuos and Sukkos commemorate the openly revealed miracles experienced by our forefathers: the Exodus and the splitting ...

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Kesamim on Pads

Question: Is a kesem found on a "pad" considered mekabel tumah with regards to dinei niddah? Answer: A kesem does not have the status of a "beged" and is not mekabel tumah for kesamim. ...

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The Third Beis Hamikdash

ועשו לי מקדש ושכנתי בתוכם The Rishonim debate whether the third and final Beis HaMikdash will be built by human hands, like the first two, or will descend from Heaven as a structure of fire made by Hashem's own hands, as implied by the verse, "מקדש ה' כוננו ידיך- The Mikdash, Hashem, that Your hands have made."[2] The Rambam[3]states clearly that Moshiach will build the third Beis HaMikdash, aided by the re ...

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Har Sinai

פן תשכח את הדברים אשר ראו עיניך[1]                Har Sinai.  We are commanded never to forget this momentous event, as the passuk states, "השמר לך... פן תשכח את הדברים אשר ראו עיניך", beware and guard yourself lest you forget the things your eyes have seen.  According to the Ramban, this is counted as one of the מצות לא תעשה, the negative commandments.[2]          ...

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Prenuptial Agreements

Question: Many of us have seen the teshuva from Moreinu Harav that states that an agreement for a husband to provide reasonable mezonos for his wife even after they separate will not facilitate a get meuseh. It seems that Mo"HR encourages this procedure. We are aware that numerous poskim of today's generation indeed view this payment of mezonos to be a "Knas in disguise". It appears that Mo"HR does not agre ...

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mount sinai and hatred

Question: I just read that at Mount Sinai HaShem brought hatred on the world of the other nations worshippers of the stars and idols learned out from the word Sinai which can be read to hate.Is this the purpose of the Jewish people? Will the world ever be changed? If not now when? Answer: The intent of the Sages is to say that when we became the Chosen People at Sinai and received the Torah a certain measur ...

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The Obligation to Vaccinate

Question: There has been much discussion recently about the obligation to vaccinate. What is the Rav's opinion on the matter? Answer: It is the obligation of every parent to vaccinate their children. לשאלת רבים ממורי ההוראה ומנהיגי עם האם יש חיוב על ההורים לחסן את ילדיהם בחיסונים המקובלים למנוע מחלות קשות, כי יש מחשובי הרבנים שגילו דעתם בעת האחרונה דכיון דע"י החיסון יש חשש לנזק בריאותי, לא רק שמותר להורים ל ...

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The Legacy of the Forefathers

The Ramban calls Sefer Bereishis “The Book of Creation,” since it begins with a description of the world’s creation, and continues with the lives of our Forefathers who “created” the patterns that their descendants were destined to follow.[1]  Our Forefathers’ mitzvos and good deeds were not intended for their own spiritual benefit, or even for the benefit of their generation, but for the benefit of the ent ...

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