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Bishul Akum

Question: On Friday night a few minutes after shkiyah, the electricity went out in our house [there was an excess of appliances because of a family simcha]. We were told that during Bein Hashmashos it is permissible to ask a non-jew to turn on the electricity [we asked the maid]. The cholent however was totally raw at that point  and had to be turned on separately. Was the cholent forbidden to eat because o ...

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Proper Time for Sefiras Haomer

כתב השו"ע בסימן תפ"ט ס"א "ואם שכח לספור בתחילת הלילה הולך וסופר כל הלילה". ומשמע מדברי המחבר דלכתחלה צריך לספור בתחילת הלילה, ושני טעמים יש בהלכה זו. א: זריזין מקדימין למצוות וכשם שיש להזדרז בקיומה של כל מצוה כך גם במצוה זו. (ועיין מנחת אשר בראשית סימן כ"ב דלא בכל המצוות אמרו הלכה זו ואכמ"ל). ב: משום תמימות, ועיין במשנה ברורה שם סק"ד ד"הולך וסופר כל הלילה" דכל זמן שלא עבר כל הלילה "לא נפיק מכלל הכתוב תמימות ...

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Refusing Medical Care

Question: לכבוד הרבנים ומרן הגאב׳ד שליט׳א A 50 year old gentleman is diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctors offer him an operation followed by chemotherapy after which he will have a 73% chance of survival at 1 year followed by a further 5 year survival rate of 50%. The patient wants to consider homeopathic treatment which according to numerous rigorous scientific studies in the last few decades has repea ...

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Bris Milah in Case of Danger

“וימל אברהם את יצחק בנו בן שמונת ימים כאשר צוה אותו אלקים” (כ”א ד’). “תניא מלה הראשון ומת שני ומת שלישי לא תמול דברי רבי רבן שמעון בן גמליאל אומר שלישי תמול רביעי לא תמול ת”ש א”ר חייא בר אבא אמר רבי יוחנן מעשה בארבע אחיות בצפורי שמלה ראשונה ומת שניה ומת שלישית ומת רביעית באת לפני רבן שמעון בן גמליאל אמר לה אל תמולי ודלמא אי אתיא שלישית נמי הוה אמר לה א”כ מאי אסהדותיה דר’ חייא בר אבא ודלמא הא קמ”ל דאחיות… מא ...

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Pidyon Shvuyim – Posting Bail

Question: Is there a mitzva of Pidyon Shvuyim (inyana deyoma unfortunately) nowadays? What are some halachic guidlines? If one bails someone out of jail is it considered pidyon shvuyim? I ask because in jails now a days the people have rights, they have tv etc, its not like the gemara describes that its worse than raav, cherev etc. its definitely a chessed to get them out but is it mitzvas pidyon shvuyim? T ...

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They prefaced “we will do” to “we will hear”

הקדימו נעשה לנשמע   R’ Elazar said: at the time Israel preceded “we will do” to “we will hear,” a Heavenly voice emanated and said to them:”Who revealed to My children this secret which the ministering angels use?” For it is written that this is the way of the ministering angels: “Bless Hashem, O His angels; the strong warriors who do His bidding, to hear the voice of His word.”  First it is written: “who d ...

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Non-Jewish Housekeepers

Question:  Is there a problem leaving non-Jewish housekeeper/babysitter in the house alone if there is no yotze v'nichnas and the babysitter knows you won't be home for a chunk of time. Does one have to be choshesh that she used your Keilim or brought non-kosher into the house? I have a babysitter that comes 5 days a week and watches my baby. We provide her lunch daily and don't let her wash dishes with hot ...

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Cutting Vegetables with a Vegetables Slicer on Shabbos

Question: I wanted to know if I am allowed to make salad on Shabbos using a vegetables slicer, a machine which slices the vegetables through pressing, which has different size knives. Does this constitute the prohibition of tochen – grinding? Does this involve the prohibition of tekiah when I place the correct knife into its designated place in the slicer.   Answer: It is prohibited to use the slicer o ...

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Dental Work on One’s Parents

Question: Is a female dental-hygienist allowed to perform dental work or a cleanup on her parents, or does this involve the prohibition of inflicting a wound upon a parent?   Answer: We must differentiate between a treatment which will cause bleeding and one that will not necessarily cause bleeding, such as an external cleaning to remove plaque. There is room to be lenient regarding treatment that will ...

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Circumventing the Heavenly Tribunal

The Yom Kippur service begins with vidui (confession), which is recited before the final meal of erev Yom Kippur, and should ideally be recited again before nightfall.[1]  Vidui is an essential element of teshuva, and therefore a central theme of Yom Kippur, repeated a total of ten times over the course of the day (corresponding to the ten times that the Kohen Gadol uttered Hashem’s holy Name).[2]  On this ...

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