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Reciting a Blessing Without a Head Covering

Question: In a recent event with students, some refreshments were served. One of the students wanted to make a blessing over the food. When asked if he would wear a kippa for the blessing, he refused, saying that he wouldn’t mind reciting a blessing, but he was not interested in putting on a kippa. Should he be prevented from reciting the blessing in this fashion or can he recite it even with his head uncov ...

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Reading books of Idolatry

Question: Shalom I am currently involved in kiruv on a college campus in Amreica and I often am asked to explain how Judaism is different than other religions. I have researched a bit about other religions and this is why they are coming to me for answers not just in Judaism, but how it differs from Christianity ect. I was wondering if my researching other religions is halachically okay if I am doing it sol ...

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