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Investing in Company with Immodest Advertising

Question: Is it permitted to invest (on the stock market) in a fashion company that uses immodest pictures for advertising? I don't of course have any control over the advertising of the company, and I only want to make some profits, but I have a bad feeling about it. Answer: It is permitted to invest. Although I understand your concern, the prohibition of lifnei iver – causing others to 'stumble' by seeing ...

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Sent a Child to Borrow an Item and the Item was Damaged

Question: Somebody sent his young child to borrow a drill from a neighbor. The neighbor did as he was asked, and gave the drill to the child. En route the drill was damaged. Is the borrower obligated to pay for the damage? Answer: Based on the details mentioned in the question, the borrower will not be obligated to pay for damages. However, it is correct to reach some compromise to the satisfaction of both ...

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Placing Dishes in the Dishwasher on Shabbos

Question: Am I allowed to partially wash my dirty dishes which bother me, and place them in my dishwasher? If so, can I also remove the other dishes from the dishwasher to have room for these dirty dishes, even if the dishes are kelim shemelachtam le’issur, such as pots or a garlic press?   Answer: One is allowed to set-up the dishes in the dishwasher and this does not involve any prohibition of preparation ...

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Sefer Torah on Airplane

Question: I recently travelled on a plane and next to me say a Jew who was holding a Sefer Torah [he is a Sofer who wrote the Torah for a community abroad]. His claim is that this is obligatory according to Halachah, and that the Torah cannot be placed in a suitcase. Is this true? Is there a difference between folios of the Sefer Torah and the Torah after it is stitched up? Answer: There is no obligation th ...

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Taking out Torah for Group

Question: As part of our Jewish studies program we take students who are non-observant on a trip to shul. I wished to know if as part of the trip we can take out the Sefer Torah in order to teach them about it. Answer: It is permitted to take out the Sefer Torah in order to show it to those who are not yet observant. This is not a denigration of the Torah, but on the contrary an honor of the Torah, in teach ...

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Deactivating a ICD Implant

Question: I would like to ask about deactivating an ICD implant for a dying patient. The ICD implant ensures the regular function of the heart by administering electric shocks that can be very painful for the patient. Some terminally ill patients (of their families) – who are generally dying of illnesses unrelated to the heart condition – request that the implant be turned off in order to spare the patients ...

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Shaving Before an Operation

Question: I am a skin doctor, and sometimes, before performing a procedure for removing various moles from the facial (beard) area I have to shave the hair of the beard around the mole. Doctors usually use a blade for this purpose (a scalpel). Is this permitted? In a similar vein, somebody once entered the operating chamber for a skin grafting procedure, in which skin would be taken from the area just behin ...

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Using Somebody Else’s Engineering Plans

Question: Is it permitted for somebody to make use of someone else's engineering plans. The other person paid to have the plans made up, and the person in question wishes to do the same building work. Answer: Although the general principle is that where one person derives benefit and the other has no losses, the party that derived benefit is exempt from payment, authorities clarify that there are particular ...

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Partner Invested without Permission

Question: I have money in a joint investment with a friend. The friend took some of the money and invested it elsewhere without my permission. Should the earnings be shared or are they his? Answer: If your friend took the money with the intention of "stealing" it for himself, you have no share of the earnings, and your friend must return the money as every theft must be returned. However, if he took the mon ...

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Paying Damages for Car Accident

Question: I was involved in a car accident with another Jew. We were both at fault, and there was damage to both cars, though one car was more badly damaged than the other. How should the payment for damages be split? Answer: The total cost of repair should be divided into equal parts, and shared by both drivers.   מקורות: לכאורה שאלה זו תלויה בדברי הגמרא (ב"ק מח.) דאמר רבא ואיתימא רב פפא, שניהם ברשות ...

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