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Partner Invested without Permission

Question: I have money in a joint investment with a friend. The friend took some of the money and invested it elsewhere without my permission. Should the earnings be shared or are they his? Answer: If your friend took the money with the intention of "stealing" it for himself, you have no share of the earnings, and your friend must return the money as every theft must be returned. However, if he took the mon ...

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Paying Damages for Car Accident

Question: I was involved in a car accident with another Jew. We were both at fault, and there was damage to both cars, though one car was more badly damaged than the other. How should the payment for damages be split? Answer: The total cost of repair should be divided into equal parts, and shared by both drivers.   מקורות: לכאורה שאלה זו תלויה בדברי הגמרא (ב"ק מח.) דאמר רבא ואיתימא רב פפא, שניהם ברשות ...

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Hiring Workers without Setting Wages

Question: We sometimes use a babysitter, and when we come home we pay her how much we believe is appropriate: If the kids slept through we pay less, and if they were awake and kept her busy we pay more. Is this okay, or should we worry about the babysitter having had something else in mind when she did the job? Answer: In principle, when a person hires a worker without stipulating the wages, he must pay him ...

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Downloading Music onto iPod

Question: Can one download music from his friend's computer or CDs that he did not pay for onto his iPod, or is it considered stealing and he has to buy the music himself? Answer: One should avoid downloading others' music onto an iPod, and strive to buy all music legally. At the same time, one does not have to tell off others who download, because there are authorities who are lenient in this matter. Best ...

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