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Slavery in the Torah

Question: Shalom Aleichem, From a comparative standpoint the laws of the Torah regarding slavery (both those explicitly in the Torah sh'bichtav and those in the Torah shebaal peh) are superior to those of the other nations of the day and even those practiced in the United States less than two hundred years ago. Indeed the value placed on freedom in the Torah helped influence the modern world to prohibit the ...

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Reading books of Idolatry

Question: Shalom I am currently involved in kiruv on a college campus in Amreica and I often am asked to explain how Judaism is different than other religions. I have researched a bit about other religions and this is why they are coming to me for answers not just in Judaism, but how it differs from Christianity ect. I was wondering if my researching other religions is halachically okay if I am doing it sol ...

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