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Causing Cars to Stop on Shabbos

Question: Is one allowed to stand by a `zebra` crossing on Shabbos The law and general expectation for divers is to stop when a person is standing there. The question is therefore twofold. If the driver is a goy there may be an Amira l`nochri question. But more importantly, in an area which has a large percentage of non religious yidden, is there a problem of causing a yid to stop (and consequently drive of ...

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Stitching a wound on Shabbat

Question: I am a surgeon and live in a religious neighborhood. On Shabbat there are commonly children who suffer from lacerations that require stitching. In place of traveling to the hospital and being stuck there for the duration of Shabbat, they come to me and I stitch them up. Is this permissible or are they required to travel to the hospital and have a non jew do the stitching? Answer: It is permissible ...

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Amira L’Akum

Question: The shul I daven in Friday Night has a problem with the electricity. As a result in the summer months when the air conditioning is running, there are power outages from time to time. When this happens before Maariv is it permissible to ask a non jew to turn on the electricity? Answer: A non jew should be hinted to about the outage and what needs to be done [“it is dark in the shul”]. In this manne ...

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