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Light Up Shoes on Shabbos for Children

Question: Is it permissible to allow ones children to wear shoes that light up when they walk on Shabbos based on the fact that it is a psik reisha on a rabbinic prohibition in a case of Rabbinic obligation of children. In addition would the case of a child with special needs be a further mitigating factor for leniency in this case or other cases of toys that light up or make sounds Answer: Wearing such sho ...

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Keeping 1 or 2 days of Yom Tov in Eretz Yisrael

Question: I'm from chutz laaretz and spend 2 out of 3 of the Regalim in Israel (Sukkos and Shavuos). Do I keep 2 days yom tov or 1? Does it make a difference if I own a flat? This is quite urgent as it affects the upcoming yom tov! Many thanks Answer: You should keep 2 days of Yom Tov, as your status is that of a "ben chutz laaretz". The criteria for keeping one day of Yom Tov as a ben Eretz Yisrael, is not ...

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Shnayim Mikra for International Traveller

Question: Shalom, I plan to travel Tues night from NY to EY. With regards to shanyim mikra, must i learn bamidbar until my flight and then start nasso once i land? Or can i start nasso earlier in the week? Also can i conclude bamidbar once i'm in EY, or would that not be considered "with the tzibbur"? Thank you very much Answer: It would seem that ideally you should in fact learn Bamidbar while still in NY ...

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Question: Shalom, I have a discussion with a friend about the kinesilogy practice, not to mention if it works which it seems to me suspicious, what the Halacha tell about this practice? I know some of Frum people who believe in this and consult, it is not koah hatuma? Thanks and kol touv Answer: While the effectiveness of these practices is certainly questionable, there is no prohibition to engage in such h ...

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Kohanim in Medical School

Question: Shalom, I recently heard a shiur from the Rav Shlit"a where he said that there is no heter for a kohain to go to medical school, because an akum is metameh b'mageh ubmaaseh, so anatomy courses are a problem. I have two siblings who went to different medical schools in New York. Both of them informed me that dissections are done as a team because there is a limited number of cadavers available. The ...

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