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Walking Under the Awning of a Church

Question: Is one allowed to walk under the awning of a Church? Is there any reason when walking on a sidewalk near a Church to cross to the other side of the street? Thank you Answer: It is permissible to walk under the awning of a Church. There is a prohibition from entering into the actual building and even in to the courtyard of a Church. Bit outside under the awning is permissible. If one is stopped and ...

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City of Bombay

Question: The name "Bombay" is actually an English distortion of the original Indian name, which is the name of the "godess" of the city (the name means "great mother"). The temple of this idol is located in the middle of the city, and it is worshipped by the majority of the population of the city until this day. Should there be a problem of "בשם אלהים אחרי לא תזכירו" to pronounce the Indian name of the cit ...

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Yoga Meditation and Chanting

Question: I was asked a shailla by a woman who is studying to become a yoga instructor, she told me that during the course they chant the word UMMMM. The chanting is meant to bring an inner harmony and they claim that it is not used in the worship of any deity or foreign god. Although she tells me that according to some teachings the word UMM actually originated from the first letters of three different god ...

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Swiss Army Emblem

Question: Shalom What is the status of the Red Cross or the cross that appears on the Swiss flag and any consumer products like Swiss army knifes or merchandiser made by Wenger? Is it assur to own items with that symbol? Do I need to remove them from articles I already bought? May I not use the plus sign as used in America? Thanks Answer: It is prohibited to derive any benefit from something which was worsh ...

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