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Kedusha of Ezras Nashim

Question: Shalom, I learn in a Yeshiva where there is a large Beis medrash, with 2 floors. The second floor is in the same room, and it is like a balcony. Both floors are used the whole week for learning, davening, and shiurim to the whole yeshiva. On shabbosos, for davening, the second floor turns into a women's section. One Rabbi said that because of this, the 2nd floor has less kedusha, even the whole we ...

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Following Sefer Torah

Following Sefer Torah Question: Is there basis to follow a sefer torah when being brought to the bima and when being brought back? Answer: Yes, this is brought by the Rama to O:C 149, that when the Sefer Torah passes by someone, they should follow until it reaches it's destination. This is brought by the Mishna Brura ibid. s"k 7. It seems that this refers only to someone who the Torah passes by him in close ...

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