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Yaale Vyavo Before Sunset on Rosh Chodesh

Yaale Vyavo Before Sunset on Rosh Chodesh Question: Dear Rabbi! We have a question about a meal on eve of Rosh Chodesh. If one davens maariv and then has a meal before sunset does he recite yale veyavo in birkat hamazon? Answer: Yes, you would say Yaale Vyavo in Birkat Hamazon. Sources: See Mishna Brura at end of Siman 424 in the name of the Magen Avraham 419. ...

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Woman Singing Birkat Hamazon

Question: I often find myself at meals with extended family, where the women sing the benching in the typical tune of Birchat Hamazon. It would be very uncomfortable for me not to bench with them. Is there a problem benching while hearing them chant the benching? Thanks Answer: While this should be avoided if possible, if it is very difficult to avoid [at the cost of embarrassment, insulting others and the ...

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