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Spreading Salt & Sand Mixture on Snow on Shabbos

Question: According to Maran shlita, on shabbat, would it be permitted to spread a salt and sand mixture in order to melt snow outside one's house if the floor is made up of cement or is there a חשש of בונה? Many thanks Answer: This would be permitted. There are two potential problems with spreading such a mixture on the walk on Shabbos. One would be the melocho of Boneh which you mentioned. In this regard ...

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Adding Table Leaves on Shabbat

Question: According to Maran Shlita is one permitted to add leaves to a table on shabbat? Can we compare the addition of table leaves to the same case in the gemara (shabbat 47a) of the plasterer's brush? Many thanks Answer: Yes, it may be added. This is more similar to the plasterer's brush than to the traveler's bed which is prohibited. Here as with the brush this is part of the use of the table, to make ...

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Removing Blu-Tack on Shabbos

Question: Is it mutar for a gabai to take down a sign during bein hashmashos that says to say yaale veyavo which is stuck to a wall with blue tack in order that the kahal shouldn't make a mistake over Shabbos - do we say shvus deshvus? Answer: Blue Tack is designed to be temporary and easily removed, specifically not to create a permanent connection or attachment. It would seem in fact permissible to remove ...

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Lego on Shabbos

Question: Is a child permitted to play with Lego on shabbos? Many thanks. Answer: Playing with lego is permitted on Shabbos. The pieces connect in what is considered a weak connection, specifically designed to easily come apart, and rebuild. Even specific figures that are built from a lego set are generally taken apart soon after their building and rebuilt differently or even the same way. One who intends t ...

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