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Returning Pot to Store After Tvilah

Question: I bought an expensive pot for cooking and was tovel it after the purchase. It turns out it isn't the right size I needed. The store is willing to take it back and return my money. May I return it? Do I have to worry that someone may purchase it after me and make a brocha levataka on the tevilah, being that it was already toveled? [it's a jewish owned store] Answer: Being that there is a significan ...

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Chanuka – Lighting Menorah at a Public Gathering

Question: I work with a number of non religious co-workers in the same office. On chanuka we are all in the office at the begining of the zman hadlaka. May I light menora for them with a bracha? Most of them will not be lighting a menora aside from this. Answer: While one should certainly light menora for them, making a bracha is more questionable and should be avoided. One who makes a bracha on such a ligh ...

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Distance Required in order to Recite Tefillas Haderech – Prayer of the Traveler

Question: What is the minimal distance one must travel in order to recite Tefillas Haderech?   Answer: The accepted custom in the Ashkenazik community is to recite the blessing for every inter-city trip, as long as the distance between the end of one city and the beginning of the next is more than 4 Kilometers (2.5 Miles). Although, there are those (especially within the Sefardik community) who do not ...

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Reciting a Blessing Without a Head Covering

Question: In a recent event with students, some refreshments were served. One of the students wanted to make a blessing over the food. When asked if he would wear a kippa for the blessing, he refused, saying that he wouldn’t mind reciting a blessing, but he was not interested in putting on a kippa. Should he be prevented from reciting the blessing in this fashion or can he recite it even with his head uncov ...

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