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Postponing Bris for Jaundice

Question: Bris mila not on 8th day. Mother had complicated pregnancy, with "separation of the placenta" , this caused much bleeding and several hospital stays during the pregnancy. The last time was around 37 weeks and the Dr said to induce labor. Delivery was fine and baby was healthy ,bh. The bilirubin level however went up, and when it hit 18.6 the baby's Dr ordered to take the baby to the hospital and b ...

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IVF Baby – Bris Milah on Shabbos

Question: לכבוד מרן שליט׳א Can a baby boy who was born on shabbos after his parents underwent IVF have his bris on shabbos? Many thanks. Answer: A natural birth following IVF should be treated as all other natural births, and the baby should have his bris on Shabbos. תשובת מרנו הרב במה ששאל לדעתי בתינוקות שנולדו מטיפולי הפריה חוץ גופית (IVF) אם מילתן דוחה שבת. ידעתי וגם שמעתי שיש מגדולי הדור שפסקו שאין מילת ...

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