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Mourning Close Relatives During A Parent’s shiva

Question: A man was sitting shiva for his father. During the shiva he was informed that his paternal aunt had just passed away and that she has no one to say kaddish for her apart from him. Is he now permitted to attend his aunt's burial in order to say kaddish? many thanks Answer: From the third day of shiva and on, he may attend a funeral of a relative, and return home immediately afterwards. If there wil ...

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Between Aninus and Aveilus

Question: Yaakov heard that his brother, who lived in a different city, was niftar. Being there were other relatives dealing with the funeral and burial arrangements, it seemed Yaakov was not considered and onen. Thus, he davened and fulfilled mitzvos, etc. Question: Yaakov wanted to take a haircut before flying out to the funeral of his brother. Is he permitted to do so? Answer: One who is in a different c ...

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Kevura After Cremation

Question: Is there a purpose to bury in a jewish cemetery, someone who r"l was cremated? Does it make a difference if they were not frum, and could be considered tinok shenisha? Thank you. Answer: While there is no obligation to perform burial in such an instance, in the event we are dealing with a tinok shnishbeh, there would be prohibition from providing him burial, as many totally non observant are provi ...

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