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Distance Required in order to Recite Tefillas Haderech – Prayer of the Traveler

Question: What is the minimal distance one must travel in order to recite Tefillas Haderech?   Answer: The accepted custom in the Ashkenazik community is to recite the blessing for every inter-city trip, as long as the distance between the end of one city and the beginning of the next is more than 4 Kilometers (2.5 Miles). Although, there are those (especially within the Sefardik community) who do not ...

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Causing Cars to Stop on Shabbos

Question: Is one allowed to stand by a `zebra` crossing on Shabbos The law and general expectation for divers is to stop when a person is standing there. The question is therefore twofold. If the driver is a goy there may be an Amira l`nochri question. But more importantly, in an area which has a large percentage of non religious yidden, is there a problem of causing a yid to stop (and consequently drive of ...

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Paying Damages for Car Accident

Question: I was involved in a car accident with another Jew. We were both at fault, and there was damage to both cars, though one car was more badly damaged than the other. How should the payment for damages be split? Answer: The total cost of repair should be divided into equal parts, and shared by both drivers.   מקורות: לכאורה שאלה זו תלויה בדברי הגמרא (ב"ק מח.) דאמר רבא ואיתימא רב פפא, שניהם ברשות ...

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