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Chanuka – Menorah for Traveler

Question: I am staying in a hotel for one night of Chanuka, and leaving the following day. I will be travelling and not arrive home until the following morning. Where should I light neiros Chanuka for that night? Could I make a shliach to light in my house? Answer: If you are still in the hotel by ‘plag hamincha’ [approx. 3:30 during Chanuka] you can light in your hotel room. Since you have been staying the ...

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Chanuka – Lighting Menora in China

Question: I will [unfortunatley] find myself this year in China on a buisness trip during Chanuka. I will be in a hotel where in all likliehood I will be the only Jew around. If my hotel window is within 20 amos should I light there for pirsumei nisa, when the only ones to see the Menorah will be non Jews, or should I light inside my room [by the doorway]? thanks Answer: It would seem there is no benefit in ...

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Chanuka – Lighting Menorah at Children’s Home

Question: During Chanuka I often go to visit my married children for hadlakas neiros. If I am there from the zman [shkiyah] until around 10 – 11 at night and I am eating dinner there, when and where should I light neiros Chanuka? Could I light by my children’s house? Is it preferable to make a shliach to light in my house, or could I light when I return home at about 11:30 at night [only my wife and I live ...

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Chanuka – Lighting Menorah at a Public Gathering

Question: I work with a number of non religious co-workers in the same office. On chanuka we are all in the office at the begining of the zman hadlaka. May I light menora for them with a bracha? Most of them will not be lighting a menora aside from this. Answer: While one should certainly light menora for them, making a bracha is more questionable and should be avoided. One who makes a bracha on such a ligh ...

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