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Sent a Child to Borrow an Item and the Item was Damaged

Question: Somebody sent his young child to borrow a drill from a neighbor. The neighbor did as he was asked, and gave the drill to the child. En route the drill was damaged. Is the borrower obligated to pay for the damage? Answer: Based on the details mentioned in the question, the borrower will not be obligated to pay for damages. However, it is correct to reach some compromise to the satisfaction of both ...

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Stitching a wound on Shabbat

Question: I am a surgeon and live in a religious neighborhood. On Shabbat there are commonly children who suffer from lacerations that require stitching. In place of traveling to the hospital and being stuck there for the duration of Shabbat, they come to me and I stitch them up. Is this permissible or are they required to travel to the hospital and have a non jew do the stitching? Answer: It is permissible ...

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Pidyon Ha-Ben for Child Born from Sperm Donation

Question: I am a single woman, and I recently gave birth to a firstborn child born from a sperm donation (there were no previous children and no miscarriages). Can I perform the Pidyon Ha-Ben ceremony? Should my father or brothers do it? If there is no obligation, must the boy himself redeem himself after he grows up? Answer: A child born from a sperm donation is obligated in Pidyon Ha-Ben like every Jewish ...

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Yichud with Adopted Children

Question: What is the halachah concerning yichud with adopted children? Answer: According to most authorities one must be stringent and forbid yichud with adopted children. However, if a keys can be given to a number of household members, and they indeed "drop in unexpectedly" on occasion, this is enough to permit the yichud.   מקורות והרחבת הדברים: הלבוש [אבן העזר סי' כב סעי' א] כתב שהטעם שאין איסור י ...

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