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Chinuch for Tefilloh

Question: Yilmedenu Rabbeinu, We would like to know the Rov`s opinion on the following important matter: I was wondering what the mitzvas Chinuch is for Tefilloh for boys who are higiu leChinuch. On the one hand, we obviously must be mechanech them Tefilloh and this is certainly part of our general obligation. On the other hand, we find that it is "time consuming" and on the cost of the learning. If we were ...

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Zman Krias Shema for Children

Question: In UK, most schools daven shacharis throughout summer months after Sof Zman Hence, a question regardim siman 70 Do we pasken like RT or Rashi? I have personally never herad of boys reciting Shma before coming to school. What is peshat in the universally accepted minhag? (And may be one can ask - why are there no machmirim?) Additionally, regarding the berochos, why is there no concern of assi lemi ...

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Light Up Shoes on Shabbos for Children

Question: Is it permissible to allow ones children to wear shoes that light up when they walk on Shabbos based on the fact that it is a psik reisha on a rabbinic prohibition in a case of Rabbinic obligation of children. In addition would the case of a child with special needs be a further mitigating factor for leniency in this case or other cases of toys that light up or make sounds Answer: Wearing such sho ...

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Sefiras Haomer for Children by Day

Question: A question from a teacher in a frum Primary School In a place where Nacht comes in late, and young children (8 - 10 yrs old) are sleeping already, is it advisable to count the omer in the morning in class (of course without a Beracha) or rather not. I understood that probably better not, see Ritvo Sukkah 2: re Hilany Hamalkah. And it may be compared also to the Maharil Diskin and Harav Sh Z Auerba ...

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Various Questions from a Teacher

Question: A Teacher in a Charedi Primary School would like to know: 1. Is it permitted for a teacher to confiscate childrens objects if they play with them and it distracts them from learning (permanently or temporarily)? 2. It is common in younger years to explain Chumash describing etc the events in detail to make it more understandable and visual. Is it muttar to add descriptions which have no mek ...

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