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Copying Music from Youtube

Question: Nowadays people put their music up on youtube for all to enjoy. These videos only get a view once from my computer and gain nothing more if I go on to that video again and again. May i download the music off Youtube instead of buying it, being as I can always go on the site and listen to it there? Answer: As long as they are still selling it aside from youtube, presumably there is still some gain ...

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Using Somebody Else’s Engineering Plans

Question: Is it permitted for somebody to make use of someone else's engineering plans. The other person paid to have the plans made up, and the person in question wishes to do the same building work. Answer: Although the general principle is that where one person derives benefit and the other has no losses, the party that derived benefit is exempt from payment, authorities clarify that there are particular ...

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Downloading Music onto iPod

Question: Can one download music from his friend's computer or CDs that he did not pay for onto his iPod, or is it considered stealing and he has to buy the music himself? Answer: One should avoid downloading others' music onto an iPod, and strive to buy all music legally. At the same time, one does not have to tell off others who download, because there are authorities who are lenient in this matter. Best ...

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