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Awaking Before Davening

Question: The Mishnah Berurah in Siman Alef, seif katan (ט) quotes as follows: יהיה זהיר מאד לקום שעה ולפחות חצי שעה קדם קריאת השמש לבית הכנםת As a matter of practical halacha, what is the time a person needs to be awake before the minyan in order to fulfill this משני ברורה? With tremendous gratitude, Answer: The point of this halacha is to have ample time to prepare one's self for davening with a minyan. S ...

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Hat for Tefillah – Da`as HaMB

Question: The MB in Siman 91 s`k 12 states that one must daven with a `big` hat (and not merely a Kuppel) since this is the way one would stand before`Gedoilim`. I have investigated and it is a fact that one would not approach nowadays any royal with a hat - it therefore would seem this MB is not le`dina anymore. It could well be there are additional inyonim or reasons for wearing hats which the MB does not ...

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Excercising before davening

Question: Is it mutar for a person to exercise before davening if the purpose of the workout is for mental reasons (less stress, get himself awake, full healthy, etc.)? Answer: Yes, if it gets him into a better state of mind and body, this is considered for the sake of davening and is permitted. מקורות וביאורים בסימן פט סעיף ד מבואר דכל שצריך לאכול ולשתות לפני תפילה מחמת רפואה או שאי אפשר להתפלל עם כוונה אל ...

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