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Amira L’Akum for Hachana

Question: Can you ask a non-jewish cleaning lady to wash ones dishes on day 1, of a 2 day Yom Tov, if the keilim will not be used for the day 1 anymore? (Same question for washing dishes on Shabbos if one will not need the dishes for shabbos anymore). Is amirah l'akum applicable to the issur of hachanah? Answer: Asking a non-Jew to do something which does not involve any melacha, only preparing for after sh ...

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Placing Dishes in the Dishwasher on Shabbos

Question: Am I allowed to partially wash my dirty dishes which bother me, and place them in my dishwasher? If so, can I also remove the other dishes from the dishwasher to have room for these dirty dishes, even if the dishes are kelim shemelachtam le’issur, such as pots or a garlic press?   Answer: One is allowed to set-up the dishes in the dishwasher and this does not involve any prohibition of preparation ...

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