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Spotting and Irregular Bleeding On Hormonal Contraception

Question: לכבוד הרבנים שליט׳א After childbirth, a lady received a heter from a Rav for taking contraception and was started on the combined oral contraceptive pill by her doctor. With this form of contraception a woman takes the tablet for 21 days and then stops for 7 days at which point she has her withdrawal bleeding which generally begins two to three days following the final pill. However, this lady did ...

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Shaving Before an Operation

Question: I am a skin doctor, and sometimes, before performing a procedure for removing various moles from the facial (beard) area I have to shave the hair of the beard around the mole. Doctors usually use a blade for this purpose (a scalpel). Is this permitted? In a similar vein, somebody once entered the operating chamber for a skin grafting procedure, in which skin would be taken from the area just behin ...

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