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Light Up Shoes on Shabbos for Children

Question: Is it permissible to allow ones children to wear shoes that light up when they walk on Shabbos based on the fact that it is a psik reisha on a rabbinic prohibition in a case of Rabbinic obligation of children. In addition would the case of a child with special needs be a further mitigating factor for leniency in this case or other cases of toys that light up or make sounds Answer: Wearing such sho ...

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Security Cameras on Shabbos

Question: hello I saw the rav's answer on leaving on video cameras on shabbos (mutar), can the rav please explain his psak (I am doing research on this subject and I would like to know the rav's explanation on his heter). Thank you Answer: The people walking into the range of the cameras have no intent [and often no knowledge] of being recorded. Being that the cameras are on and running in any event, walkin ...

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