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Hirhur Divrei Torah Lifnei Ervah

Question: I know that the Chayei Adam and others pasken that hirhur divrei Torah lifnei ervah is mutar, but would that include a bathroom, or is that a separate problem of ruach raah? Also, does the modern day idea of listening to recorded shiurim fall into the category of hirhurim? Would one be able to listen to a shiur lifnei ervah or in the bathroom, if that is any different? Kol Tuv Answer: Hirhur divre ...

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Divrei Torah in Front of Women

Question: What is the heter to say divrei Torah in front of women who are not sniuos? If I understand correctly low cut shirts or short skirts may be ervah dorraisa (although I'm not totally clear on the exact geder) requiring akiras aynayim. Thank you Answer: The prohibition of saying Divrei Torah in front of women dressed immodestly, is in fact Rabbinic. The Biblical Prohibition is only in front of "giluy ...

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