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Excercising before davening

Question: Is it mutar for a person to exercise before davening if the purpose of the workout is for mental reasons (less stress, get himself awake, full healthy, etc.)? Answer: Yes, if it gets him into a better state of mind and body, this is considered for the sake of davening and is permitted. מקורות וביאורים בסימן פט סעיף ד מבואר דכל שצריך לאכול ולשתות לפני תפילה מחמת רפואה או שאי אפשר להתפלל עם כוונה אל ...

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Yoga Meditation and Chanting

Question: I was asked a shailla by a woman who is studying to become a yoga instructor, she told me that during the course they chant the word UMMMM. The chanting is meant to bring an inner harmony and they claim that it is not used in the worship of any deity or foreign god. Although she tells me that according to some teachings the word UMM actually originated from the first letters of three different god ...

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