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Tefillah In Ezras Nashim

Question: Gut Voch, What is the halocho regarding a person davening in a ezrash noshim of a (regular contemporary) shul - is its considered Tefilah be`zibbur? It would seem from the M`B siman 55 s`k 58 quoting the radbaz (and Biur Halocho there) that if there is another access to mainshul than its is not called tefillah bezibbur there (which is by definition the case in an ezras noshim) (Shevet Halevi`s tes ...

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Tefilla Betzibbur

Question: Tefillah beZibbur in an ezras noshim Is tefilah in an ezras noshim considered tefillah bezibbur? It would appear from the MB siman 55 sk 58 quoting a Radbaz that it does not. (I am not referring to the Shayle if its miztareph to the minyan, as Shevet Halevy chelek 9). What is the rov`s opinion is this?   Many thanks! Answer: The Mishna Brura is speaking when one is enclosed in a separate room ...

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