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Crossing Timelines During A Fast day

Question: According to the Rav, how should a person traveling from Europe to America in Tzom Gedalia conduct himself? Should he continue to fast until the sunset of his arrival destination (which would be hours later than Europe) or can he eat according to sunset at place of departure? Does the fact that Tzom Gedalia is nidche this year make a difference? With many thanks. Answer: The Halachic determination ...

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Taking Medication During Fasts

Question: An elderly patient is on a number of medication for his irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation) in order to regulate his heart beat and thin his blood so to prevent him from going back into an irregular rhythm which can in turn increase his risk of stroke and potentially death. Since his diagnosis he has continued to take this medication every morning at 8 as instructed by his doctor. All of th ...

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Breaking Minor Fastdays for Work

Question: Hello, With regards to the smaller fastdays (i.e Taanis Esther, 17 Tamuz etc.), what is the din of a (otherwise healthy) Teacher who feels that he cannot do his job well when he is fasting. He does not teach up to his standard because of his fast and previous experience show him the fastdays - besides being for him challenging - end up being unsuccessful days for many pupils too. Does he need to f ...

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Serving food on a fast day

Question: I am leading a kiruv trip of secular students over the next few weeks. We are responsible to provide them every day with food or money to buy food. What should be done on Shivah Asar B’Tamuz, may we feed them as on a normal day [provide actual food]. If not, could we give  them money specifically to buy food [on their own]? Answer: They could be given money to buy food on the fast day. If this is ...

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Working on a fast day

Question: I am leading a group of secular university students on a 2 week trip to Israel. The trip will overlap with the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tamuz. Working on the trip requires a lot of energy, and will be very difficult while fasting. It will very likely cause me a severe headache at which point I will have to drink. Do I need to take off that day or can I run the trip? Answer: You may run the trip on the ...

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Tvilah after a fast day

Question: My wife’s mikva night falls out on Tuesday night, following the fast [Shiva Asar B’Tamuz]. Fasting makes her extremely weak and tired. If she fasts she will be unable to go to the mikva that night. Is she obligated to fast? Answer: She is obligated to fast, even if this will make her unable to go to the mikva after the fast. In that case, she should go to the mikva the following night [Wednesday n ...

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