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Kabbolas Taanis Yochid

Question: There is an obligation to be mekabel taanis yochid before shkia of the fast day 1. Is it meakev? In other words if one wished to fast that particular day (eg Shovevim or as a Teshuvah etc.) but forgot to be mekabel the taanis - should he still fast or does he need to postpone it? Is there any point saying it after nacht? 2. Whilst virtually all the Siddurim print (and printed) the nusach of "Bli n ...

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Eating Disorder and Fasting

Question: A woman with a history of anorexia says that fasting on Yom Kippur can bring on a set of consecutive days of fasting that is very detrimental to her health. What should she do for fast days? Thank you. Answer: She needs to be professionally assessed by her doctor and then in consultation with a Rav determine if fasting poses a risk of relapse as you describe. If there is a fair chance it could cau ...

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