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Hosting Non Religious / Safek Jews

Question: If it is poskined that someone is a sofek Jew (karov livadai) and they are not Shomer Shabbos must you tell their Shabbos hosts that this person may not be Jewish, or that they are not Shomer Shabbos, to insure that their wine is not touched by a possible goy, or a non Shomer Shabbos person? Is the responsibility of the hosts to insure their wine is mevushal, or must I who am sending them guests t ...

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Triple Parent IVF

Question: לכבוד רבינו הגאון רבי אשר וייס שליט״א Mitochondria are tiny energy generators inside cells, containing their own little bit of DNA, which is separate to the genetic material held in the nucleus. They are present in the egg, but not in the sperm, and are passed down the female line, more or less unchanged, from mothers to all her offspring, and then from daughters to grandchildren and so on. In som ...

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