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Genetically-engineered AquAdvantage salmon

Question: Genetically-engineered AquAdvantage salmon has received approval for sale in the United States as food, without special labeling. To make it grow and mature faster, it uses a "genetic promoter" from the "ocean pout," a tameh fish. Does this present a halachic problem for the consumer? Answer: In the Rav's opinion there is no concern with this fish. Ultimately it is a kosher fish with kosher simani ...

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Ovarian Transplant

Question: לכבוד הרבנים ומרן הגאב׳ד שליט׳א Identical twin A is the married sister of Twin B. Twin A had premature menopause at age 15 and is unable to have children. Twin B is also married but has 4 children all of which were conceived naturally. Twin A's gynaecologist advises her to seek a fairly new treatment which has been shown to be work effectively between monozygotic (identical) twins: through means o ...

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Antenatal Screening

Question: לכבוד הרבנים ומרן הגאב׳ד שליט׳א Screening for Down's syndrome and other genetic disorders is offered to all pregnant women. There are different ways of carrying out screening tests. A triple screen or quad screen is a first-trimester maternal blood test offered to all pregnant mothers alongside a nuchal translucency ultrasound test between 8-14 weeks of pregnancy. The blood test looks at the level ...

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