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Grama on Yom Tov

Question: Hello, I have heard from Rav Weiss on many occasions how the grama gadgets are asur to use on Shabbos, because they violate meleches machsheves, since you clearly want the act to be done. What is the Rovs opinion when it comes to doing these things on Yom Tov? (Some sources to consider - Shulchan Aruch 514,3 and MB 25 and Shaar Hatzion 31. Also Shulchan Aruch 507,4 and 511,1 and MB 1) Also would a ...

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Security Cameras on Shabbos

Question: hello I saw the rav's answer on leaving on video cameras on shabbos (mutar), can the rav please explain his psak (I am doing research on this subject and I would like to know the rav's explanation on his heter). Thank you Answer: The people walking into the range of the cameras have no intent [and often no knowledge] of being recorded. Being that the cameras are on and running in any event, walkin ...

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