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dishwasher – hachana on shabbas

Question: First of all, thank you very much for this incredible site-greatly appreciated! Regarding the issue of 'placing dishes in the dishwasher on Shabbas' you write: If one is worried that some food might stay stuck upon the dishes, thereby ruining them, or that it will make it that much harder to clean after Shabbos, one would be allowed to lightly clean them prior to placing them in the dishwasher. Th ...

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Amira L’Akum for Hachana

Question: Can you ask a non-jewish cleaning lady to wash ones dishes on day 1, of a 2 day Yom Tov, if the keilim will not be used for the day 1 anymore? (Same question for washing dishes on Shabbos if one will not need the dishes for shabbos anymore). Is amirah l'akum applicable to the issur of hachanah? Answer: Asking a non-Jew to do something which does not involve any melacha, only preparing for after sh ...

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Preparing from one day of yom tov to the next

Question: Is there a heiter - and if yes what - to take out Chlaos from the freezer on the first day Yomtov l`zorech the second day. The question is based on the fact that if taken out before Yomtov it would not be fresh and if taken out after Nacht it would be frozen for still very long? Answer: Preparing from one day of yom tov to the next is prohibited, see סימן תק"ג והפוסקים שם. this includes even seemi ...

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