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Har Habayit and Beit Hamikdash 2

Har Habayit and Beit Hamikdash 2 Question: Hi, I was very disappointed with the answer provided. I had thought the I would receive a serious answer with מראה מקומות. Instead, I received a convoluted answer that doesn't address the question. With all due respect, the Rambam doesn't say that Mashiach will be the only one to build the Mikdash. See first Halacha of Beith Habechirah---no mention of mashiach ( I ...

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Har Habayit and Beit Hamikdash

Har Habayit and Beit Hamikdash Question: Shalom, L'cvod Rav Osher Weiss Shlita, I would like to understand why many Rabbis prohibit people going up to Har Habyit even after they have gone to a Mikvah. According to the Rambam in Hilchot biyat hamikdash 3:4, even a dead person may be brought onto Har Habayit. Why do these same Rabbis reject over 200 Mitzvot that can only be done on Har Habyit? Where in our To ...

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