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“Do Not Hate an Egyptian” – Hakaras Hatov

Question: The Torah says, לא תתעב מצרי כי-גר היית בארצו (Do not hate an Egyptian because you were a stranger in his land, Dt. 23:8). Does this halachah apply today even though Sanacherib mixed up the nations since Jews have nevertheless lived there subsequently? The Divrie Chaim (Y.D. 178a) cites this verse to show we must respect the nations who have given us refuge, does the Torah mitzvah itself extend to ...

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Slavery in the Torah

Question: Shalom Aleichem, From a comparative standpoint the laws of the Torah regarding slavery (both those explicitly in the Torah sh'bichtav and those in the Torah shebaal peh) are superior to those of the other nations of the day and even those practiced in the United States less than two hundred years ago. Indeed the value placed on freedom in the Torah helped influence the modern world to prohibit the ...

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