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Hat for Tefillah – Da`as HaMB

Question: The MB in Siman 91 s`k 12 states that one must daven with a `big` hat (and not merely a Kuppel) since this is the way one would stand before`Gedoilim`. I have investigated and it is a fact that one would not approach nowadays any royal with a hat - it therefore would seem this MB is not le`dina anymore. It could well be there are additional inyonim or reasons for wearing hats which the MB does not ...

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Reciting a Blessing Without a Head Covering

Question: In a recent event with students, some refreshments were served. One of the students wanted to make a blessing over the food. When asked if he would wear a kippa for the blessing, he refused, saying that he wouldn’t mind reciting a blessing, but he was not interested in putting on a kippa. Should he be prevented from reciting the blessing in this fashion or can he recite it even with his head uncov ...

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