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Shemittah – Heter Mechira

Question: L'chvod Horav Shlita I live in chutz la'oretz and inadvertently bought an aubergine dip from Eretz Yisroel which turned out to be made with shemittah produce with a hechsher which says it relies on heter mechira. I have the container which is almost full and would like to know what to do with it. I also spread some of it on some bread which also has chumas on it (so I could not simply scrape off t ...

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Real Estate Deal with Non Jew in Israel

Question: I have a peice of land I want to build a number of apartments on [in Israel]. Can I make a deal with an Arab develpor where he builds the apartments, in return I will receive 2 free apartments and the rest will be for him to sell. The land is in a totally Jewish area and there is no practical possibility of anything ending up in non Jewish hands. In the interim however he will be the owner of the ...

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