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Amira Lakum for Kiruv Rechokim

Question: I officiate as a rabbi once a month in a primarily non religious community, my wife is rarely able to venture out of the house because of the kids and lack of eruv, and is unable to partake in any kiruv involvement in the shul, such as meeting members and building relationships that would lead to potential chavrusas and shabbos meals, are we able to use a pusher to facilitate her freedom from the ...

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Reflective Vest on Shabbos Without Eruv

Question: Is it permissible to wear a reflector (for car headlights to reflect off) over one's jacket or coat on Shabbos where there is no eruv? Answer: The general principle with Maleches Hotzaah is that something defined as a “load” being carried violates this prohibition. If however something is being worn as either a garment or jewelry this is not considered “carrying a load” and is permitted [barring a ...

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