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Investing in Company with Immodest Advertising

Question: Is it permitted to invest (on the stock market) in a fashion company that uses immodest pictures for advertising? I don't of course have any control over the advertising of the company, and I only want to make some profits, but I have a bad feeling about it. Answer: It is permitted to invest. Although I understand your concern, the prohibition of lifnei iver – causing others to 'stumble' by seeing ...

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Co-ed trips

Question: Sholom, I run coed Birthright trips to Israel each year for secular students. A portion from each trip eventually go on to yeshiva. However, during the trips students inevitably engage in inappropriate relationships with each other. I have no doubt that these trips are one of the most successful ways to get students into learning, however, I'm not sure how it can be mutur to lead students on mixed ...

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