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Investing in Company with Immodest Advertising

Question: Is it permitted to invest (on the stock market) in a fashion company that uses immodest pictures for advertising? I don't of course have any control over the advertising of the company, and I only want to make some profits, but I have a bad feeling about it. Answer: It is permitted to invest. Although I understand your concern, the prohibition of lifnei iver – causing others to 'stumble' by seeing ...

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Partner Invested without Permission

Question: I have money in a joint investment with a friend. The friend took some of the money and invested it elsewhere without my permission. Should the earnings be shared or are they his? Answer: If your friend took the money with the intention of "stealing" it for himself, you have no share of the earnings, and your friend must return the money as every theft must be returned. However, if he took the mon ...

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